The Old Newgate Coon Club

The Old Newgate Coon Club

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 The Old Newgate Coon Club is located on Rt. 182 in Norfolk.  Our phone number is (860-542-5028).  Please take a moment to register and login if you are a member.  If you are not a member, please feel free to look at our site and the activities and options we have.  Our calendar shows upcoming events which you could attend to meet our members.  Our monthly meetings are for members only.

The Old Newgate Coon Club is situated in the beautiful northwest hills of Connecticut.  It is unique in many ways including the clubhouse. There are many services and options offered to club members including Fishing, a Rifle RangePheasant Hunting, Dining and Lodging, Sporting Clays and Trap shooting, and regular club events. There are over 613 acres of prime woodland and fields to enjoy. We have game preserve status and also offer a dog training area.  Our property includes two ponds with trout and bass fishing.

The club is fortunate to have a live-in steward and sterwardess who do a remarkable job of maintaining the clubhouse and providing services to our members including breakfast buffets during bird hunting days, sumptuous meals before our monthly meetings, and running our well stocked bar.  Here are Ed and Theresa, our stewards


Club members and their guests can stay overnight at our clubhouse in one of our many rooms.  The guests can also have meals prepared by our stewards for a very reasonable rate.  These are some of the options that the club offers for Dining and Lodging.






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