The Old Newgate Coon Club

Field Development

  Here are some new pictures of Bittersweet in 2023 after some clearing and seeding which greatly expanded the field area and will enhance our Fall Bird hunting options.




The following images are from the clearing that took place in 2018 and 2019.

Fields are always a work in progress which require ongoing maintenance or the woods will take over.


Below is a view of the road going up into Bittersweet.  There is increased open space and much more light for the fields.   


Looking East from the entrance to Bittersweet


 The landing at Bittersweet 


 Looking out across the old and new fields before the final cleanup. 3.26.18 


  Below:  Looking North from the first old field of Bittersweet 3.26.18





 Below is a chronology of the Big Game Lot and its development over time including the grant work from 2014.



This is the story of the develpment of our Big Game lot over the years.  I have included many pictures which chronicle the very start of the field in 2004 to present.  It is truly a success story and one that continues to date.

2004 planting

The field had gotten overgrown and had too many trees in it so it was cleared, stumped, and the soil was adjusted with 15 tons of lime.  We consulted with seed companies for a mix of seed that contained both warm and cool growing grasses including Big Niagara bluestem and switchgrass.  In addition there were perennial legumes such as partridge pea in the mix.

initial growth

As part of our clearing, we found an area that always was wet in the Spring and dug a drainage pond that has served as a successful vernal pond over the years supporting a wide range of amphibians.

Amphibians took to the pond immediately


4 weeks

6 weeks after

2 years






 The landowner incentive program(LIP) grant required that we expand our field and clear a few more acres.  We were fortunate to have valuable lumber in the area and were able to accomplish the goal while providing some income for the club.  A win-win situation.