The Old Newgate Coon Club

History of the Old Newgate Coon Club

The Old Newgate Coon Club,organized in 1897,is the oldest continuously active hunting club in Connecticut and among the oldest sporting clubs in the great United States of America.

The club was originally located in Hartland Hollow,incorporated in 1910 and remained there until the Norfolk property purchase in 1937.  The Old Newgate Coon Club owes its name to the group of men who started the club in 1897 doing nighttime raccoon hunts on the Newgate Ridge near the Newgate Prison in Granby, CT.

Although the club has come a long way since the days of three day coon hunts, salt pork, black powder and moonshine, the basic purpose of the club has never changed.

Our 1910 certificate of incorporation states the purpose of the club is"for the promotion of social intercourse, recreation and mental improvement by such means as shall be expedited and proper for that purpose."

1941 Clambake ticket

Available to it's members are Rifle and Pistol Range, Fishing in two stocked ponds, Hunting on 620 acres of land, Camping and picnicking, Trap shooting, Archery range, Social activities, Party and dining facilities and a clubhouse consisting of 25 rooms, overnight accommodations, a card room, a well stocked bar, and delicious meals prepared by our club steward.

Our membership meets monthly and the monthly meetings are open to all members. The meetings are typically held the third Tuesday of each month. Dinner is available before each meeting, and reservations are required. Please verify meeting dates with our club steward.

Our entire club, including the clubhouse and the 630 acres of club property, is owned solely by the stock holding members of our organization. Your share of stock may be purchased immediately after your election to membership.


Annual events are: Hunt Week, Game Dinner, Beef BBQ, Winter Steak Bake, and Pig Roast.

Here is a link to the Club Incorporation and bylaws.  ONCC Documents